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Jakki, vatnsheldur

Jakki, vatnsheldur

3.000 6.999 kr.

A lightweight and stylish water repellent jacket in an anorak style. The jacket comes with a collar and half zip to front, two large pockets to front, and an adjustable elasticated waist. SUSTAINABILITY. This piece is made from recycled polyester. When using recycled polyester, it means material that has once been produced, such as PET bottles, gets another chance. It is a lot more resource efficient compared to producing new material, which makes it better for the environment and reduces the climate impact.

  • Collar and half zip
  • Adjustable, elastic waist
  • Pockets to front
  • Long sleeves with wide, elasticated endings
  • Lightweight recycled polyester
  • Water repellent fabric

100% pólýamíð
Vörunúmer: 8396925